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By Jerome Roos On April 17, 2013 “There is a growing sense throughout the world that capitalism isn’t working; and that the cracks we create in it may really be the only way forward.” From, link to original San Andres de Cholula, 03/04/13 Transcript of interview It’s been over ten years since you published ‘Change the World without […]

Interview with John Holloway from During his recent visit to San Francisco, where he presented a three part lecture series titled “After Capitalism,” we had the opportunity to meet with John to talk a bit about the meaning of revolution and autonomous struggle today. Click HERE to listen to the complete interview

Crack Capitalism, English/ Korean

Crack Capitalism, English/ Korean. Talk by skype from Puebla to Seoul, 15/16 February. Discussion, English/ Korean

Reviews of Crack Capitalism by Korean newspapers/weekly magazines (links)

Book Reviews of Crack Capitalism in Korean (links)

Epochi interview

Tidal interview

John Holloway on the multiple crisis (sub ITA)

بازخوانی مارکس برای درک اتونومی‌ها و انقلاب امروزین جان هالووی – مترجم: پیران آزاد • کار مجرد به یک مفهوم دولت مدار از تحول اجتماعی منتهی می شود. جنبش کار مجرد در یک زندان سازمانی و مفهومی اسیر می شود که انگیزه ها برای تغییر انقلابی را خفه می کند. مارکسیسم ارتودکس تئوری جنبش کارگری […]