Interview with John Holloway from During his recent visit to San Francisco, where he presented a three part lecture series titled “After Capitalism,” we had the opportunity to meet with John to talk a bit about the meaning of revolution and autonomous struggle today. Click HERE to listen to the complete interview

Crack Capitalism, English/ Korean

Crack Capitalism, English/ Korean. Talk by skype from Puebla to Seoul, 15/16 February. Discussion, English/ Korean

John Holloway on the multiple crisis (sub ITA)

ay’tik (we)- strategies, tactics and an arbitrary metaphor for active screaming.
by Reynaldo Young


‘In the anti-worlds of daily struggles the world beyond capitalism is to be found’ video by Carolina Aguirre, Lucas Gloppe and Magnus Lenneskog

After Capitalism

Alternative animation of this piece by ana luisa lolosidis, kelly cho, vittoria belliif the video doesn’t load, click on the link here