Gezi Park


Gezi Park

Dancing in the streets. That, not the sound of gunfire, is what announces the fall of the old world. Couples dancing tango in Gezi Park with gas masks on their faces, echoing the musicians that wore gas masks as they played their bouzoukis in the centre of Sintagma Square in Athens just two years ago. And now in the last few weeks the drums in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo.

A conspiracy, of course, an international conspiracy. Erdogan is right. There is an international conspiracy of people in all the world who like to dance in the streets, a conspiracy of millions, a secret plot organised by a clandestine organisation that includes most of the people in the world. People who like trees, strange people who think that parks should be green, dangerous people who believe that there can be a world beyond shopping malls. Just like those other people down the road from you in Athens who tore down the walls of a car park in the centre of the city and turned it into Navarino Park, a green space with trees and vegetables and swings for children, a space for the neighbours to go and chat, a place for people to tell happy stories of the death of capitalism. These are dangerous people, people who know that through and beyond the crisis, there is a whole new world to be created. And the worst of it is that these strange people are already speaking in the tongues of a new world, speaking with a logic that those of the old world simply do not understand. These people of the world-being-created chapule and will continue to chapule in the months and years to come, first in one place and then in another. Chapuling around the world, in Turkey, in Brazil, in Bulgaria, and where will it be next, and then and then?

Those of the old world do not know how to chapule, they do not understand the tongues of the new world. Their lives depend on forcing protest back into the structures and language of the old world, whether by repression or by referendum or reform. Perhaps they can succeed in the short term, perhaps they can repress or reform and push people back to their proper place in society, put them back to standing at their machines or sitting at their desks or begging in the streets or voting at the polling booths or kneeling in their mosques and churches. But their days are numbered. The great message of Gezi Park and Taksim Square and Sintagma and Navarino Park and Zuccotti Park and the Plaza del Sol and St. Paul’s Cathedral and the streets of Rio and Sao Paolo and … and … and … and (you put the names, dear reader, and add more as the weeks go by) is that their time is up, that their world is dying. Capitalism is a failure, capitalism is a failure, failure, failure! A failure, a disaster, a catastrophe! That is the song that is being sung in the streets of all the world. There are no answers within the system, what we want cannot be reduced to demands, what we want is not to survive but to live, to live with dignity. There is nowhere to go to, except on to a new world, a world in which trees and weeds and flowers will sprout from the ruins of the shopping malls.

John Holloway


Chapuling in the Streets


Taksim Tahrir Sintagma Puerta del Sol Plaza de Mayo Zuccotti Square St. Paul’s. Everywhere around the world we are dancing in the streets. Dancing with rage, dancing with joy, dancing gravediggers on the graves of our masters. We are all Turks, all Greeks, all Cypriots. And now we are all chapuling, chapuling as we sing out loud our refusal to accept any more, our refusal to watch them destroy parks to make way for shopping malls, our refusal to accept their obscene injustices, refusal to sit by and let them destroy the planet, refusal to let them take our world from us, refusal to accept their stupid arrogance. So dance Istanbul, dance Ankara, dance Izmir, and the world dances with you. Cairo, Athens, Istanbul, Madrid, New York, London, Buenos Aires, Frankfurt, Cochabamba, Stockholm, and more and more and more and more and more.


John Holloway


Rage, Life, Joy- Otonom Video on Gezi park:



Κουρσεύοντας στους δρόμους

Ταξίμ, Ταχρίρ, Σύνταγμα, Πουέρτα ντελ Σολ, Πλατεία Ζουκότι και Αγίου Παύλου. Παντού στον κόσμο χορεύουμε στους δρόμους. Χορεύουμε με οργή, χορεύουμε με χαρά, χορευτές που σκάβουμε το λάκκο των αφεντικών μας. Είμαστε όλοι Τούρκοι, όλοι Έλληνες, όλοι Κύπριοι. Και τώρα όλοι μαζί κουρσεύουμε, κουρσεύουμε τραγουδώντας δυνατά ότι αρνούμαστε μας να ανεχτούμε κι άλλα, αρνούμαστε να τους βλέπουμε να καταστρέφουν τα πάρκα για να κάνουν χώρο για εμπορικά κέντρα, αρνούμαστε να δεχτούμε την ύποπτη δικαιοσύνη τους, αρνούμαστε να μένουμε απαθείς ενώ καταστρέφουν τον πλανήτη, αρνούμαστε να τους αφήσουμε να μας πάρουν τον κόσμο μας, αρνούμαστε να δεχτούμε την ηλίθια αλαζονεία τους. Γι’ αυτό χόρεψε Ιστανμπούλ, χόρεψε Άγκυρα, χόρεψε Ιζμίρ και ο κόσμος ας χορέψει μαζί σας. Κάιρο, Αθήνα, Ιστανμπούλ, Μαδρίτη, Νέα Υόρκη, Λονδίνο, Μπουένος Άιρες, Φρανκφούρτη, Κοτσαμπάμπα, Στοκχόλμη κι αλλού κι αλλού κι αλλού κι αλλού κι αλλού κι αλλού.

Τζον Χόλογουεϊ




A salute to all comrades and the brave people of Istanbul who have taken part in the struggle for saving Gezi park! Looked at from Edinburgh, Scotland, where nothing but conformist politics is on the agenda, Gezi park seems to be not a protest or a defensive action but a commune – a festival – an island of mutual recognition which is a harbinger of an emancipated world. The Turkish and world movement that has grown up around the Gezi Park action opens on to a changed society and a future that is bright and new. Keep struggling! Never abandon hope despite provocation! Keep the party going! I wish I was there…


Richard Gunn

Edinburgh, Scotland